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Greater Pensacola Society of Human Resource Management Past Presidents

1987 Eileen Perrigio, University of West Florida
1988 Tony Reeves, SPHR, Gulf Power Company
1989 Steve Zimmerman, Champion International
1990 Denise McLeod, SPHR, Landrum Temporary Services
1991 Charlotte Mack, SPHR, Resources Solutions, Inc
1992 Tod Ioakim, PHR, The Lewis Bear Company
1993 Judy Peeler, SPHR, LAndrum Companies
1994 Sandra Rogers, SPHR, Lakeview Center, Inc.
1995 Meri DeSalvo Asmar, PHR, Baptist Health Care
1996 Yvonne Nellums, PHR, AmStaff Human Resources, Inc.
1997 Sherell Hendrickson, PHR, University of West Frloida
1998 Michael Perkins, JD, AmStaff Human Resources, Inc.
1999 miChele Stinson, PHR, Medical Center Clinic
2000 Shelly Carey, PHR, Southern Company
2001 Mary Bishop, MBA, West Florida Hospital
2002 Carole Cox, PHR, Landrum Co.
2003 Barbara Murphy, Manpower, Inc.
2004 Ralph Emerson, Emerson & Associates
2005 Shannon Lands, SPHR, Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund
2006 Dave Szymanski, PHR, City of Gulf Breeze
2007 Sue Butts, PHR, Navy Federal Credit Union
2008 Preston Pallas, American Water
2009 Brenda Sanford, PHR, Rodney Rich & Co.
2010 Stacey Blackwell, PHR, Emmanuel, Sheppard, and Condon
2011 Dana Mullins, PHR, Pen Air Federal Credit Union
2012 Tim Lambert, SPHR, Southern Company
2013 Dave Szymanski, PHR, SHRM-CP, City of Gulf Breeze
2014 Debbie Auger, PHR, SHRM-CP, Harvesters Federal Credit Union
2015 Sharon McHarris, Gulf Power-Southern Company
2016 Michael Owens, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Landrum HR
2017 Michael Owens, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Landrum HR

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